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Your 6 year old daughter wants to learn guitar and as a  parent you have seen her enjoy playing guitar. You browse the internet to get some instructor – craigslist, yelp and some institutions. You might find someone, but your are hesitant to get her there, may be because the price is too high or you don’t know the instructor or the timing doesn’t work out. Important to note is that, you might be surrounded by 100’s of guitarists around your area who might be willing to teach your daughter and either of them don’t know that. That’s exactly what wants to solve. Imagine all types of courses in categories like art, music, photography, kids, sports, yoga, public speaking, mathematics, reading and many others, all from verified educators. Now you get the picture ! is a open marketplace to find local courses from individuals and institutions. It lets people book from verified educators so you can take a sigh of relief. There are already some courses published here, but we are in continuous journey to get amazing courses for you. Do let us know if you know instructor so he/she can spread their talents.

Why is there a need for now?

This is a perfect timing as we are surrounded by amazing individuals who want to share their knowledge/talents. Since the knowledge is ever growing there should be platform to connect people who truly want to learn and enrich their lives. There is social media and lots of e-learning tools and websites, but one thing that is lacking is human touch or in-person teaching. You cannot simply substitute many of the classes with only e-learning, but it needs a in-person attention. is trying to create the platform so it fills that gap.

People want to succeed and reach new heights. There are definitely institutions / universities which cater to that but there are certain hidden talents or extra curricular activities that people want to enhance and thrive. There are lot of educators near you who want to teach you. Take the opportunity to learn what you always wanted to. NOW is the perfect time!

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